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  • I am interested to join as a ‘Friend’ of the ‘ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter‘ and accordingly have provided the desired particulars.
  • I do agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the chapter.
  • I declare that the statements made and information provided during sign-up are correct to the best of my knowledge and that I agree to be governed by the bye-laws of ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter as they exist now and hereafter if they will be altered.
  • I undertake to promote the objectives of ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter.
  • I undertake not to share premium or restricted content and resources such as links to specific online events, articles or magazines with anyone who are not eligible to access that content.
  • If at any time I fail to comply with the requirements of ICF Bengaluru Charter Chapter with regards to enrolment, I undertake to return the chapter enrolment number and privileges associated with the same.
  • I acknowledge that my profile will not be displayed in the Member Directory of the website as this is a benefit for members only.
  • I further confirm that I shall use the feature of reaching out to other coaches via their profile with discretion and shall not indulge in marketing my services, forwards or spam of any nature.
  • I confirm that I will abide by the guidelines of the Chapter’s WhatApp groups and if requested by the moderator to delete any content falling outside the guidelines, I will act accordingly.