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ICF Global membership ensures high professional standards and reputation, offering resources for skill enhancement, business improvement, networking, partner discounts, and professional development opportunities. Visit the ICF Global website for details on member benefits. 

Becoming a member of the ICF Bengaluru Chapter is not just about joining an association; it’s a commitment to personal and professional development in the fast-evolving coaching space. Through our diverse benefits, you gain the tools, connections, and resources necessary to thrive in the coaching industry. 

Exclusive Member Spotlight


Gain visibility within the coaching community as outstanding members are featured regularly.

Achievement Showcase

Showcase your accomplishments, contributions, and success stories to inspire and motivate fellow members.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals, creating valuable relationships within the coaching field.

Discussion Forum

Engage and connect

Participate in our vibrant discussion forum, providing a platform to share experiences, insights, and knowledge.

Industry discourse

Stay updated on the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the coaching industry.

Community support

Seek advice, offer guidance, and foster a sense of community by actively participating in discussions.

Professional Development

Workshops and webinars

Access exclusive workshops and webinars conducted by industry experts, enhancing your coaching skills and knowledge. 

Resource library

Gain unlimited access to a curated collection of resources, articles, and tools to support your continuous learning journey. 

Discounts and Offers

Special rates

Enjoy discounted rates on conferences, training programs, and other events organized or endorsed by the Bengaluru Chapter

ProBono Coaching

Beyond traditional boundaries of coaching, we strive to build a stronger and more supportive community.

Pro Bono Coaching has become essential as the coaching landscape evolves, reflecting the industry’s commitment to social responsibility. By extending Pro Bono Coaching services, ICF Bengaluru embodies the ethos of coaching – nurturing growth, resilience, and empowerment.

Recognition and Awards

Excellence awards

Stand a chance to be recognized for your outstanding contributions through our annual excellence awards.

Certificates of membership

Receive a prestigious membership certificate acknowledging your commitment to the coaching profession.

Access to research and publications

Stay Informed

Receive access to the latest coaching research, publications, and journals, keeping you informed about advancements in the field.

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