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ICF Bengaluru offers a dynamic array of programs and initiatives committed to continuous learning, collaboration, and unparalleled professional growth.

Hub Meets

A chance for coaches to connect, share, and have fun! With four vibrant hubs – North Cluster, Indira Nagar, Koramangala, and South Bengaluru – each Hub Meet is tailored to connect coaches by location. 

For example: Indira Nagar conducts its own Hub Meet, attended by those in the area. Similarly, the other hubs have their gatherings, with the frequency varying based on members’ preferences. 

Expect a warm welcome, engaging conversations, and a sprinkle of fun at each Hub Meet. Whether you are a new or a long-standing member, it is a great opportunity to learn, connect, and have a good time. 

Join us at our upcoming Hub Meets. Let us connect, collaborate, and create lasting relationships within the Bengaluru Chapter!  

Chai Pe Charcha

Sip, Share, and Connect every Saturday

An informal meetup is held every Saturday for both members and non-members. Whether you are a seasoned member or new to the community,  you are welcome to join us, engage in conversations and laughter, and experience the warmth of community spirit.

Picture of Pankaj Dixit
Pankaj Dixit

Chai Pe Charcha Lead