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ICF Bengaluru offers a dynamic array of programs and initiatives committed to continuous learning, collaboration, and unparalleled professional growth.

International Collaborations

Bridging Borders, Sharing Wisdom, Creating an Impact


ICF Bengaluru collaborates with its other ICF counterparts to work on projects focusing on global issues, conducting research studies, and much more.

The latest collaboration dates back to 2020, when ICF Bengaluru partnered with ICF Singapore and other South Asian chapters to conduct a research titled, ‘Study of Trends in Interventions for Organizational Development in South East Asia (S.E.A).’

The report was released in the first week of December 2020.

Industry Connect


Median revenue growth enjoyed by coached organizations



of managers believe that it is essential for companies to provide coaching and mentoring on leadership skills.

Forbes Survey 2022

It is an opportunity for corporates to harness the transformative power of coaching and nurture high-performing leaders and teams in their organizations.

Understanding the industry expectations, ICF Bengaluru focuses on identifying coaches whose profile aligns with today’s business context, ensuring effective partnerships with coachees.

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