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ICF Bengaluru offers a dynamic array of programs and initiatives committed to continuous learning, collaboration, and unparalleled professional growth.

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching program is designed to elevate your coaching prowess, enabling you to meet industry standards. Whether pursuing an ICF credential or wanting to enhance your coaching skills, mentor coaching provides invaluable guidance.


Program Highlight include:

Here is an opportunity to refine your coaching practice and scale new heights in your career. 

Personal and Professional Growth

The program helps broaden your knowledge, boost your confidence, and help you gain new insights.

Monthly Sessions

Engage in our monthly sessions led by a mentor coach and collaboratively work through challenges, learn from peers, and reflect on your coaching approach.

Online Format

The sessions are held on Zoom and offer accessibility without compromising the depth of the coaching experience.

Assured Confidentiality

Our sessions are not recorded, ensuring participants can openly share and learn in a secure environment.

Picture of John Serrao
John Serrao

MCC - Mentor Coaching Lead

Business Development Series

Following the ‘Business of Coaching’ month – July 2023, there have been requests to continue the Conversations with PK ( PK Narayanan).

As a sequel, we are delighted to announce the ‘Build Your Business’ series with PK’ every 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Come, Join us on 3rd Wednesday each month at 08:30 pm!

‘Build Your Business’ series with PK’ are conversations around setting-up and running a successful Coaching business. We encourage participants to bring real-life situations, contexts and challenges for fruitful conversations.

Title: Build Your Business series with PK

Registration Link:

There are no CCEUs planned for this series and the session will not be recorded. This is to allow free flow of questions and answers.

We look forward to hosting you at this phenomenal series. Do invite your colleagues and friends too. 

Communities of Practice (CoP)

Communities of Practice (CoP) is designed exclusively for ICF members. It creates a collaborative environment where coaches with shared interests explore emerging trends, exchange tools and tips, and deepen their understanding of the domain. CoPs are crafted to propel coaches on a journey of continuous personal and professional development.

Key Highlights of CoPs include:

Webinars by subject matter experts
Business development
Skill development
Facilitated discussion sessions
Community discussion boards

At ICF Bengaluru, we have two CoPs:

Team and Group Coaches, CoP

Picture of Ravi Panicker
Ravi Panicker

Team and Group Coaching COP Lead

New and Young Coaches, CoP

As the coaching industry witnesses a surge in the number of coaching enthusiasts, we recognize the distinctive needs of new and young coaches. Since these needs significantly differ from those of experienced coaches, a new CoP was set up specifically for individuals entering the coaching arena.

Picture of Sunil Sathyendra
Sunil Sathyendra

New and Young Coaches COP Lead

To join or enquire about CoP, reach out to us at