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Steps To Membership

Check eligibility criteria and know the application process to join our vibrant community of members.

In 5 Simple Steps

ICF Global Membership is a prerequisite to joining the local ICF Bengaluru Chapter. Ensure you have an active International Coaching Federation (ICF Global) membership.

To become an International Coaching Federation member, please visit the International Coaching Federation (ICF) global website and view details on eligibility requirements.

After becoming a member of ICF Global, opt for ICF Bengaluru as your designated local chapter. You must note that you can only be associated with a single local chapter.

If you are already a member of ICF Global and wish to transfer from one local chapter to another, you can make this change at any point during your membership cycle.

Follow these steps to proceed: 

  1. Log in to ICF’s global website:   
  2. Click on your name located at the top right corner of the screen. 
  3. Select ‘Access Profile’ just below your photo. 
  4. Under ‘My Account Links’ on the right panel, choose ‘Membership Info.’ 
  5. Navigate to ‘My Chapter Affiliations’ at the bottom of the page. 
  6. If ‘ICF Bengaluru’ is not visible under ‘Your 3 nearest chapters,’ you can manually search for it and select it. 


To become an International Coaching Federation member, visit 

To join the local ICF Bengaluru Chapter, visit here. Fill in your details and pay the local chapter membership fee of INR 3000/- from April 1 to March 31.

Do note this amount is not prorated and is charged in full. No refunds can be provided.

Once paid, you can briefly introduce yourself and your coaching journey to  This will be used to introduce you to the ICF Members WhatsApp Group.

Do take time to review the onboarding materials for new members.

**This is managed by Glue up. Please read terms and conditions.

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