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Initiatives of ICF Bengaluru chapter

Uni Con

A University Connect Program Initiative by ICF Bengaluru Chapter An idea without boundaries

The climatic changes, and technological advancements has disrupted our mental models of the world that we were used to.


An initiative taken by the Bengaluru chapter is the magazine with contributions by members. The chapter magazine “Conversations….In Search of the Inner Self” was launched in early October 2020. It is a space for members to contribute and share their experiences, learning, knowledge and creativity.


Kasturi program has recently completed mid review sessions with all the coaches and Development Leaders (Coachee). Each coach and coachee pair was interviewed for 15-20 minutes for their experience, journey so far and needle movement for each one of them.

Book Club

The FUNtastic Book Cafe is an initiative to bring together people who love to read, listen, watch, observe,… and most of all revel in the joy of sharing with one another.

We get together once a month to muse on our reflections and experiences from the best reads of the month. Sometimes it’s one book/topic/theme, other times it’s multiple books/podcasts/audios shared by multiple people, and still other times it’s a conversation with authors.

Get on the bandwagon, a book club experience that goes beyond the book. Drop us an email bengaluruicf@gmail.com to join the fun.

Should I be a bibliophile or audiophile to join in?
Absolutely Nooooo, just bring in your fun self 😉


An informal meet up once everymonth for members.

A safe space for them to vent , share & grieve what ever they want to. Topics other than coaching are discussed here.


A meet up every last working day for  members where we celebrate birthdays & great & small Victories they wish to share.

International Collaboration

ICF Bengaluru is currently partnering with ICF Singapore Chapter along with other chapters in South Asia for a research study on Study of Trends in Interventions for Organizational Development in South East Asia (S.E.A).


 The  1st Monday is  focused on bringing member experience & 3rd Monday is focused on  learning experience for the members.The month of Jan & Feb’22 has been a special series 

” SPOTLIGHT- a for member , by member initiative”

Chai Pe Charcha

An informal meet up every Saturday open for both members & non-members.

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