ICF Bengaluru

Creation of the ICF Bengaluru Chapter

Start Journey

With Bangalore having the largest number of Credentialed Coaches in India, a need was felt to have a Chapter in the Garden City. Many attempts in the past had not been sustainable, and a set of 6 Coaches – Krishna Setlur, Rajat Garg, P.K.Narayanan, Winston Jacob, Akhilesh Chaturvedi and K. Satyanarayanan – got together in December 2014 to create a new Chapter in the City. After many deliberations, and with active support from Fiona Toy and Felix Lee from the ICF Regional Office for Asia Pacific.

The 6 members organized a meeting on 14th March 2015 which was attended by 35 coaches. A team of 8 coaches was nominated as the first Managing Committee. This team was charged with the responsibility of getting all the legal and organizational requirements for the Chapter.

In September 2015, the ICF Bengaluru Chapter finally came into being, with a set of Bylaws and formal approval from ICF Global. The Managing Committee consisted of:



Leni Mathew

Vice President


Secretary & Treasurer


Director, Communication


Director, Corporate Interface


Director – Community Services

Within 2 months, the Chapter went on a membership drive and was able to grow from 27 members to 60. This enabled the Chapter to attain Charter Chapter status, which is given to those Chapters that have more than 50 members. The formal approval for Charter Chapter was received on 9th  December 2015, in the presence of Dave Wondra, ICF Global Chair, Magda Mook, ICF Global Executive Director, Fiona Toy, ICF Global Regional Manager Asia Pacific.

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